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The Pencil Sharpener- Manual or Electric?

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Thinking about sharpening your pencils might seem easy peasy, but take this pretty serious as this may become an art. Getting the perfectly pointed pencil should not be considered as an easy job and you need patience and finesse to get it.

Once you got the perfectly sharpened pencil you might want to also take care of it, using some plastic tubing over it. After all, you want to have your sharpened pencil around for some time, right?

Some prefer to use of a manual pencil sharpener. This is fine when you only have a few pencils to sharpen. What if you’re a teacher or an instructor, and an entire classroom waits for you to get all their pencils sharpened?

This is where an electric pencil sharpener comes into the picture as the best solution (see an interesting presentation here; for more on electric sharpeners, see here). A manual sharpener lets you see how fast you are with the sharpening and this is where the main risk of using an electric pencil sharpener appears: you might over-sharpen your pencils. There is high-speed with most electric pencil sharpeners and good precision just as well, but keep in mind not to overdo it.

Keep in mind also to clean your pencil sharpener (manual or electric, no matter the type) all the time, and to give a good brush off to the blades using a toothbrush.

Do you need an electric sharpener?

Don’t get us wrong: we all like nice, old fashioned traditions. But we also like to be ready on time as everybody and everything around us moves so fast these days.

This is why, no matter how much you’re fond of your old manual pencil sharpener, it’s time to get an electric one also. The electric pencil sharpener is more efficient and may surprise you with its looks, colors and fun designs also.

The electric pencil sharpener is not that expensive and is easy to use just as well.

Manufacturers are always creating new pencil sharpeners that come in various sizes, prices and performances. You only need to perfectly know why do you need and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

An electric pencil sharpener is great for many things: it gives your wooden pencil a constant, perfect state and it also gives your pencil the one-of-a-kind sharp point.

If your needs require it, get yourself a big electric pencil sharpener and settle for a small portable if you’re not a teacher, let’s say.

8mm is the best diameter for any pencil so keep this in mind when you buy your electric pencil sharpener. If you also use big pencils, then 10.5mm is the number to stick with. But, most of the electric pencil sharpeners only give an 8mm diameter.

How do you recognize electric pencil sharpener?

The best electric pencil sharpeners out there are able to adjust to all kinds of shapes of the pencil. You can find nowadays so many shapes for the pencils (triangular, circular, hexagonal) and the electric sharpener should adjust too. Of course, you can always find a pencil sharpener designed for a specific shape of pencils.

The angle of the sharpening is also important when it comes to getting the best sharpened point for your pencils. Some pencils with larger angles show more lead so it takes more time until the need to be sharpened again. On the other hand, a smaller angle for the pencil tip means a longer lasting pencil, with less lead breakage.

When it comes to the lead point, it’s also a matter of taste. Some work better and faster with unbelievable sharp tips, whereas some are only efficient when using a blunt, rounded tip.

No matter how good and reliable your pencil sharpener is, keep in mind to all be gentle on your pencils. Electric pencil sharpeners are typically strong and may come too hard on the wood or lead of your pencil, giving you a broken pencil in the end.

No sharpening is possible without some mess. But good electric pencil sharpeners don’t leave much reside behind whereas giving a nice, clean look to your pencil.

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