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Accessories For Backyard Patios

Your patio is an extension of your home. Your patio is where you relax and unwind, or entertain your guests. Obviously, it must provide you with the comforts you are looking for. Your backyard patio design must include patio accessories which will help make your patio more comfortable and in keeping with your lifestyle. Here are some backyard patio ideas which will enhance your patio experience.


Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is an attractive backyard patio idea which makes your patio more striking. Here are some patio lighting suggestions:

  • Center table outdoor lighting can help save on patio space. A center table light, well located, can provide all the lighting you need on your patio.
  • Lanterns are a decorative lighting option. Lanterns are available in a mind-blowing choice from cheap paper lanterns to custom styles and shapes. Some lanterns are designed to project attractive images on your patio when switched on.
  • Embedded lighting is a new rage. Patio lights are now available which can be embedded in pots, plants, fixtures, steps and the floor. Embedded lights provide illumination which helps prevent injuries from tripping and falling. Embedded patio lights are designed to be weather-resistant and durable. They do not get damaged if stepped on or knocked about.
  • The old traditional lamp post style patio light will never die. Take your choice from a number of options from European Classic, flamboyantly oriental exotic, to starkly modern.
  • Tiki torches hit the right tropical note. Tiki torches lend a naturally informal, festive air to your entertainment. They are perfect if you’re looking to create a tropical ambience.
  • Low-voltage and solar lighting are good options. With solar lighting, you need no wires, and they’re good for 15 hours.

Patio Furniture

This is an endless subject on which you have a whole range to choose from when backyard patio designs are being considered. It all depends on what theme you have in mind for your patio. You can choose from a wide range of patio sets comprising patio tables and chairs, benches, swings and swing beds. For weather-resistance, patio furniture is made of materials like wrought iron, wood, metal or plastic. Patio furniture is a question of personal taste and preference. The selection will depend on what you plan to use your patio for and how much space you have available. Main points to keep in mind are a) the furniture should match your patio space b) stick with all-weather furniture.

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Pillows and Cushions

Outdoor pillows and cushions are the easiest way to update and outdoor makeover furniture already in place. Buy colorful, textured, easy-to-change pillows and cushions. Choose treated materials that are weather and fade proof. They should be tough enough for life on your patio.

Backyard Patio Fire Pit

While you can buy a fire pit with a simple bowl and pedestal, you could easily build a sturdy stone or brick fire pit right in your patio floor. Keep these points in mind:

  • Check your building codes relating to outdoor fires and permits.
  • Choose an area away from shrubs, trees, structures or flammable materials.
  • Choose your stones or bricks so that they are uniform in shape, size, and quality.
  • Protect the inside walls of your stone fire pit with a layer of black stove spray paint.

Plants For Backyard Patios

Plants are an unbeatable outdoor space accessory. Add flowering plants, potted plants and other foliage to your patio. A small herb garden adds to patio greenery and is easy to maintain. If you’re in a warm, dry climate consider cacti and succulents. Be creative and combine various colors and pots. Avoid wide plants and shrubs which occupy space. Think about vines and creepers on a trellis. They grow high, are attractive and need little space.

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